Swiss Cottage Cahir

Swiss Cottage Cahir
Sign posts at Swiss Cottage Cahir -Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Interior of Swiss Cottage Cahir - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary

Swiss Cottage Cahir and the beautiful coronational walk

Swiss cottage Cahir is a beautiful ornamental cottage, located south of the heritage town of Cahir and close to the River Suir. Situated on an elevated site with access by stone steps.

This is a cottage orné – the Swiss cottage Cahir is fanciful realisation of an idealised countryside cottage used for picnics, small soirees and fishing and hunting parties and was also a peaceful retreat for those who lived in the nearby big house.

Built in the early 1800s by Richard Butler, 1st Earl of Glengall, who, is believed, managed to persuade world-famous Regency architect John Nash to design it. Originally, simply known as “The Cottage” it appears to have acquired its present name because it was thought to resemble an Alpine cottage.

Inside, there is a graceful spiral staircase and some exquisitely decorated rooms. The wallpaper is partly original and partly the fruit of a 1980s restoration project, in which the renowned fashion designer Sybil Connolly was responsible for the interiors.


The Cat with Two Tails

Before you enter Swiss Cottage by way of the hidden underground tunnel, which in olden days was the servants’ entrance, take note of the centuries-old stone carving of a cat with two tails above the door. This is the trademark of the Gobán Saor, a legendary Irish stonemason.


The View from the Garden

Take a seat in the garden and enjoy the sweet sound of birdsong as you admire the unique architecture of the cottage in its rustic setting. Inspired by nature, the rose and wisteria clad Swiss Cottage is a harmonious but seemingly random assembly of crooked walls, odd angles, doors and windows of varying shapes and sizes. The house is cleverly designed, however, to give the impression that it evolved over many years to merge with its surroundings.


Take a Guided Tour of the Swiss Cottage Cahir

Let your guide whisk you back in time, recounting the story of the aristocratic young couple whose wealth enabled them to indulge their fantasies by commissioning this most romantic of follies.


The Incredible Interior

Be amazed at the skill of the artisans who crafted the intricate spider-web entrance-hall floor and the elegant spiral staircase, which appears to unfurl from the ceiling.
Appreciate the scenic wallpaper on the walls of the Tea Room, with its depiction of life on the shores of the Bosporus in Constantinople as imagined over 200 years ago by the Dufour wallpaper factory in France.

Imagine you have just arrived as a guest at one of the many soirées hosted by Lady Emily in the stunning Music Room, with its French doors opening out into the garden. See her sense of fun echoed in the double portrait over the fireplace, where she is depicted in her fashionable muslin gown on the left and whimsical peasant garb on the right.


 Swiss Cottage Cahir – our top tips

Take the beautiful riverside Coronation Walk from Cahir Castle alongside the River Suir to the Swiss Cottage approx. 3km. There is also a fairy walk section for old and young alike.

From time-to-time during the summer, the public are treated to beautiful music in the wonderful garden of the Swiss Cottage.
Location E21 DX07



The best way to access the Swiss Cottage is to park your car at Cahir Castle paid car park and take the beautiful coronational walk.


Opening times

Opened from spring to mid-November



Only a 30-minute drive from Corderry Farm.


Time to go discover

This is a beautiful place to visit and perfect location for a picnic. Remember, get in touch if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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