St. Berrihert Kyle

St Berrihert Kyle 1 - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Gate at St Berrihert Kyle - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Relics at St Berrihert Kyle -Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary

St Berrihert Kyle, really is a hidden gem. The Kyle and Well are a special place needs to be experienced first-hand, places like this are hard to ignore. There is another worldly sense to this site, it is easy to lose track of time because whether you choose to or not you will feel yourself relaxing and slowing down.



Travelling on the L3102 through the little village of Rossadrehid Co. Tipperary towards Cahir, and just before ‘The Foot Bar’ is Ardane Cross. Park here at the cross, there is space on the right-hand side. Then take the side road, quarter of a mile down this road is a wooden gate. Go through this gate and cross the first field (Be aware that there might be cows). From there you will find the wooden trail that will lead you to St Berrihert’s Kyle and the Well.


Overview of the Kyle

The word Kyle comes from the Irish “Cill” or church. As you approach St Berrihert’s Kyle you will be met by stone walls and large trees which completely encircle an oval shaped enclosure, and the only way in is by steps going over the wall to find seventy-two early medieval inscribed stone slabs and crosses, it is potentially one of the most interesting sites of that period. This large collection of slabs and crosses, which date from the 7th century up to the 9th century.

Many people leave little things at the Kyle, pictures of saints or children, rosaries, stones and coins. People also leave pieces of cloth and ribbon in the trees and bushes as a reminder of their prayers. This creates a very special and strange atmosphere.


St Berrihert’s holy well

The nearby holy well is dedicated to St Berrihert and is located a short distance from the Kyle. The path is marked by a timber track through marshy ground. The path continues crossing over a small bridge.
From there head on to the well which is a large circular pool, found surrounded by trees and defined by an earthen bank. A pilgrim’s path encircles the pond. It is said, pilgrims should walk the path three times, slowly, while whispering their prayer. The prayer would sink deeper and deeper into the soul, and in the deepest ground, an eager pilgrim will find the answers to his questions.
Some of the trees are decorated, offering left by modern pilgrims and range from ribbons, rags, socks and toys. The well is formed from limestone springs and the waters bubble forth giving it a really magical appearance. The scared water from the well is said to have healing properties.



St Berrihert’s is celebrated locally on February 18th with local Mass and followed by rounds of personal prayer at the site.




Located 15 minutes drive from Corderry Farm.


Time to go discover

Make sure that you visit both the Kyle and the Well on your visit here, to truly discover why St. Berrihert Kyle is a hidden gem. Sit and reflect at little on life while you soak up the atmosphere. Remember, get in touch if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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