Lough Gur

Lake view of Lough Gur - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Visitors centre at Lough Gur - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Birds view of Lough Gur - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary

Lough Gur has so much to offer for a lovely day out for all. A tranquil lake, beautiful walks, green flag award park, lake view playground, hill top visitor centre and spectacular views all round.


The Visitor Centre

Lough Gur is at the heart of a remarkable archaeological landscape featuring sites that represent every major period of human history in Ireland.

Physical evidence of occupation from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Early Christian, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern eras has been found in the immediate vicinity. Visitors to Lough Gur Visitor Centre can find out about the rich heritage of Lough Gur by visiting the interactive multimedia exhibition that brings to life over 6,000 years of archaeology and history. The exhibition is suitable for all ages and brings the visitor on a journey through the history of Lough Gur starting during the Mesolithic Era, and progressing until the 19th century.


Visitor Centre Highlights:

Facsimile artefact display

Interactive touch screens

AV presentations

Listening posts

Dressing-up corner

Interactive archaeological dig model

Interactive Neolithic reconstruction model

Coffee dock

Retail area


Playground and fairy walk

A gorgeous playground at Lough Gur is located just past the visitors’ centre. Also make sure to go and visit the fairy village



The Lake

Lough Gur is home to Gearóid Iarla who was banished to the bottom of the lake by the Goddess Áine. He will return to the surface every 7 years in an effort to break the curse that was placed upon him. Once the silver of his shoes wears thin Gearóid will walk among us again…

The lake forms a horseshoe shape at the base of Knockadoon Hill and some rugged elevated countryside. Lough Gur is a shallow lake measuring 3.5 meters at its deepest level. The lake is fed from underground springs and is not free flowing. The lake and the surrounding area is known to be one of Ireland’s most important archaeological sites. Humans have lived in Lough Gur since Neolithic times. The site of Lough Gur is the only area in all of Ireland where you will see visible remains of every age of mankind throughout the centuries.



Kayaking is on offer through the Kilfinane Outdoor Education centre


Black Castle

At the far end of the Lake are the ruins of a Norman castle, Black Castle, which is reached by a hill-side walk along the east side of the lake. This is one of the keeps used during the Desmond Rebellions, and is probably the place where the Earl of Desmond secured his authority in 1573 after casting off his English apparel and donning Irish garments on his return to Munster from London.


Available Tours

Full outdoor tours are available to the sites around the lough including the Great Grange Stone Circle, Stone Forts, Wedge Tomb and more. Contact Lough Gur today to find out more or book your tour on their website. Tour times range from 30 minutes to 3 hours and are bespoke and tailor made to meet your needs

There is now a core team of approximately 10 trained guides who can show you the most historical sites in the area


Registered Wildfowl Sanctuary

Lough Gur is now a wildfowl sanctuary registered with the National Parks and Wildlife Service


Lough Gur at Christmas and Halloween

Excellent place to visit Santa at Christmas. Lots of activities organised at Halloween time, for all the witches and goblins out there.


Top Tip

Lovely Lakeshore Kiosk to grab a hot or cool beverage while you enjoy the scenic views at the Lough, located in the car park as you enter the lake front.

Don’t forget to also visit the nearby Grange Stone Circle


Lough Gur, V35ED96



30 minutes from Corderry Farm


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There really is something for everyone here, young and old. Remember, get in touch if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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