Lake Muskry & Farbrega

Lake Muskry - Corderry Farm Tipperary
Forest trail to lakes - Corderry Farm Tipperary

Lake Muskry

The landscape around the Glen of Aherlow in County Tipperary, exudes myth and magic.  Therefore, it is no wonder it is the setting of some of Irish mythology’s most dearly-held stories. The stunning Lake Muskry is no different and also has a hidden gem – Lake Farbrega. 


The Galtee Lakes

The Galtees have five large pre glacial hollows, which are now occupied by five mountain lakes: Lough’s Curra, Diheen, Borheen, Muskey and Farbreaga.


Over View

Lake Muskry is beautiful and well worth the hike. At 493m above sea level Lake Muskry covers over 20 acres and is the largest of the five corrie lakes on the Galtees. It resulted from the Ice Age over 25,000 years ago. At that time a hollow was gauged out of the mountains by a mixture of ice and rock.

Massive boulders were plucked from the back wall and deposited in a semi – circular ridge in front of the lake. After the ice had melted the remaining conical hollow created a natural drainage basin. This filled with water to a depth of 105ft forming Lake Muskry and a smaller lake behind it, Farbrega.

Rocks in the area are old Red Sandstone or Conglomerate. There are many turf banks in the area, which were used widely until the end of the 19th century.



  • Ideal for average level of fitness
  • Terrain is a mix of forestry, open moorland and track
  • Distance : 9km
  • Duration : 3 hours


The Legend

Muskry was formally known as Lough Beal Sead. Legend tells that the lake was home to 150 maidens who were transformed into birds every alternate year. 

One became the most beautiful bird in the world and to mark this she wore a golden necklace with a sparkling jewel at the end.  The lake became known as Loch Beal Sead – the lake with the jewel mouth.


Directions & Parking

To visit lake Muskry drive into the tiny village of Rossadrehid Co Tipperary and turn right. Here you will find a sign post in the centre of the small village.  Follow this to the carpark.


Top Tip

Make sure not to miss the smaller lake Farbrega which is just over the small little hill.

No dogs permitted due to livestock.


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