Ireland’s living Heritage

Ireland's Living Heritage -Holycross Abbey -Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Ireland's Living Heritage -Grange Stone Circle -
Rock of Cashel - Ireland's living Heritage -Corderry Farm holiday cottage

Ireland’s Living Heritage

We celebrate Ireland’s living heritage in many ways. From its ancient monuments and castles to its vibrant music and dance, from its traditional crafts and cuisine to its modern art and literature, Ireland has something for everyone to enjoy.

But Ireland’s heritage is not only about the past. It’s also about the present and the future. It’s about the traditions and practices, knowledge and skills that are still alive and evolving today. It’s about the ways we interact with our natural and built environment, such as farming, fishing, gardening, architecture and conservation.

This is what we call . Living Heritage, and it’s what makes Ireland so special and uniqueLiving Heritage reflects the diversity and creativity of our communities and enriches our sense of identity and belonging. It also contributes to our well-being, social cohesion and sustainable development.

One of the best ways to discover and appreciate Ireland’s Living Heritage, is attending Heritage Week 2023. This is a national celebration of our cultural, built and natural heritage that takes place from 12th to 20th August 2023.


What is Heritage Week?

It is an initiative by the Heritage Council that aims to foster a sense of appreciation and ownership of our heritage among the public.

The theme for Heritage Week 2023 is Living Heritage. The main objective of Heritage Week  is to showcase and highlight the work of the custodians of our Living Heritage: the individuals, groups and organisations who keep it alive and share it with others.


By visiting Ireland and Tipperary during Heritage Week 2023, you will be able to:

  • Learn from the custodians of our Living Heritage: the individuals, groups and organisations who keep it alive and share it with others. You will be able to attend events and projects that showcase their work and passion for heritage.


  • Explore the Living Heritage around you: You will be able to visit some of the amazing tourist attractions that Ireland and Tipperary have to offer, such as ancient monuments, castles, churches, museums, gardens, parks and more. You will be able to see how they reflect the history, culture and nature of Ireland.


  • Get involved in the safeguarding of our Living Heritage: You will be able to participate in activities that help you connect with our heritage and learn about new aspects of Irish heritage. You will be able to join workshops, tours, talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and more.


  • Enjoy the fun and festive atmosphere of Heritage Week: You will meet new people and enjoy the music, dance, food and entertainment that are part of Irish heritage.


  • Heritage weeks takes place from 12th to 20th August 2023.



How to participate in Heritage Week?

There are many ways to participate in Heritage Week. You can attend one of the many events and projects organised locally or base yourself at Corderry Farm and explore further afield.


Here are some of my personal favourites:
Rock of Cashel
Lough Gur
Cahir Castle
Doneraile Court and wildlife park
• The Cliffs of Moher
And many many more




Ireland is a country that will surprise you with its beauty and charm every time you visit. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, culture or nature, history or modernity, this is the perfect opportunity as there’s no better time to enjoy a breakaway than during Heritage Week 2023!



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