Griston Bog

Walkway at Griston Bog - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Walking at Griston Bog -Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary
Mountain view at Griston Bog - Corderry Farm holiday cottage Glen of Aherlow county Tipperary

Griston Bog has a rich biodiversity which allows for a peatland wonderland. This is a wonderful place to spot nature, being home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, bees and insects and different types of water life, some of which are now in danger of extinction in many parts of the world.

Ballylanders wildlife bog is situated at Griston Bog on the west side of the village. It is rich in insect life which in turn supports many birds and other animals such as frogs, newts and lizard.

A walkway to facilitate easy viewing of the park, a special wooden walkway has been put in place which visitors can use as they guide themselves through this peatland with the help of the informative interpretative boards.

The bog now boasts impressive purpose Outdoor Classrooms where teachers and classes can explore and learn about nature in unique and inspiring surroundings. The site is compact, facilitating safe and easy management of the group, yet sufficiently varied and exciting to give children a real feel for the great outdoors. Wildlife is very accessible and easily observed at Griston Bog. Griston Bog is fully equipped as a classroom and science lab.


Facilities include:

• Wheel chair access to all facilities
• Coach and car parking
• Picnic area
• Toilet: With disabled access
• Approximately 0.5km of boardwalk through wetland habitats (bog, fen and pond) with decks for teaching from.
• “Outdoor Classroom” Cabin
• A bird feeding station and bird-hide
• Insect hotel and dipping ponds
• Information boards showing birds, plants, insects and history of Griston Bog.



Griston Bog is a 10 minute drive from Corderry Farm and just a few minutes from the village of Ballylanders.


Top Tip

Don’t forget to go through the little gate and follow the path to the pond to see the ducks.


Time to go discover

Griston Bog is a lovely place to spend an afternoon with a picnic. When your finished exploring the wetlands, make your way back into Ballylanders village and allow a little time to visit the old church ruins at the top of the village towards Mitchelstown

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