Dolmens and Ireland

Dolmens and Ireland
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If you are looking for a unique and fascinating experience in Ireland, you should not miss the chance to visit some of the ancient megalithic monuments called Dolmens.

Dolmens, the ancient structures of Ireland, have a long and diverse history. They enchant and captivate people with their enigma and the powerful forces they are said to hold.


6000 BC

In Ireland Dolmens date from as far back as 6000 BC. They are among the oldest and most mysterious structures in the world!. Read “What are Dolmens” here.

These monuments have a long and diverse history in Ireland. They reflect the culture and beliefs of the people who built them, as well as their skills and knowledge. They also have a mystical and magical aura that attracts many visitors who want to explore their secrets and meanings. They are said to hold powerful forces that can influence the fate of those who come near them.


Why are they so significant

Dolmens tell us a lot about the history and heritage of Ireland, as well as its natural beauty and diversity are also very important for science. They help us learn how our ancestors constructed things, how they buried things, and how they thought about things in the past. Dolmens are like windows into another world, a world that is very different from ours, but also very similar.

Despite numerous dolmens in Ireland, a lot more needs to be understood about them, and the evidence for their being tombs is quite thin, with some believing they were used as druidic altars, for territory, or community. However, these megalithic monuments provide evidence of the earliest human impact on the landscape


Irish folklore

In Irish folklore, dolmens are often connected to the supernatural and the fairy world. They are supposed to be the abodes of fairies or other supernatural beings and are often feared or revered greatly. It is said that interfering with a dolmen can bring bad luck or even incite the fury of the fairies

Apart from their link to fairies, dolmens are also often associated with the supernatural powers of ancient Irish kings and heroes. It is said that some dolmens were built by powerful rulers as a way of marking their territory or demonstrating their dominance over their foes. Others were said to have been used as entrances to the Otherworld, where the dead could communicate with the living.


Time to get exploring, here are the must see!

• Grange Stone Circle, Co Limerick
• The Poulnabrone Dolmen in Co Clare.
• Corderry Wedge Dolmen, Co. Tipperary
• Duntryleague Dolmen, Galbally Co. Limerick
• Newgrange, County Meath,
• Drombeg Stone Circle, Drombeg, Co Cork.



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